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Kingdom Tales FAQs


  • Do I have to be a PTA member for my child to participate in Kingdom Tales? You do not have to be a PTA member but you will need to create an account (or log in) on this website in order to access the Kingdom Tales registration form.

  • I see the softcover books are free. Can I order a free softcover book AND a hardcover book? Only 1 free soft cover is available for each child. If you order a hardcover, you are not eligible to receive the free soft cover. The one free softcover ensures that all children are able to participate without regard to ability to pay.

  • I want more than one copy of the book. Why can’t I order copies during the registration process? With the new process, you can only purchase ONE book-making kit. When your child receives this kit, you will find an order form to order more books from the publisher starting at $19 each. When the story is due back at school, return the order form with your request for more copies and your payment. You will also have a chance to order additional copies of the book AFTER you receive it, in case that you want to check out the quality of the book first.

  • Can the book be on any topic? Your child can write about anything that interests them and can be fiction or nonfiction. Some kids make up their own stories while other kids write stories about events in their own lives, like sports or vacations.

  • Can my child write about Star Wars? Ninjas? Space Police? The instructions say no violent content. Killing or violence will not be allowed. Ninjas and space police are always welcome, but please be mindful of how rough they get. Content and illustrations printed in Kingdom Tales books will be at the discretion of the CHE PTA.

  • Does the book need to be a complete story? The important part of the book is that it comes from your child’s imagination, whether those thoughts are complete or not. You can ask questions like, “Does your story have an ending?” to help them along, but a definite ending is not necessary.

  • Do you have any book-making tips and worksheets for each grade level? Yes, they can be found here: ly/KT_tips including:

    • Storyboard

    • Brainstorming

    • Tips for Opinion Writing

    • Tips for Informative Writing

    • Tips for Narrative Writing

  • How much should I be involved in helping my child with their story? Should I correct grammar/spelling/punctuation or help them write complete sentences? The story must be written and illustrated by the author in their own style, but parent level of participation is up to you. It is completely up to you whether or not you want to correct grammar or spelling mistakes. Some parents like to have their child work somewhat independently on their book so they can get a developmental “snapshot” of their writing abilities at that grade level (i.e., misspellings, incorrect sentence structure/punctuation). Many parents assist their child typing their story on the computer.
  • Is there a word minimum per page? My child’s story is very short. The only requirement is that the story be at least 5 pages long for softcovers, and at least 13 numbered pages long for hardcovers (the pages included in the kit you receive) – that could mean one word/sentence on a page or a whole page of text. It is completely up to your child.

  • My child colored outside on the margins on the cover page. Is that a problem? It is not a problem as long as your child knows that anything in the margins will be trimmed for binding.
  • Can my child use clip art, photos or magazine clippings as the artwork, or does it need to be hand drawn?         
    • Hardcover: To ensure the best results, illustrations should be printed, hand-drawn on the paper provided in the kit or glued with a glue stick. Your child can use any sort of medium/artwork as longs as there are no paperclips, staples, liquid glue, or tape.
    • Softcover: To ensure the best results, illustrations should be printed or hand-drawn. Your child can use any sort of medium/artwork as longs as there are no paperclips, staples, glue, or tape.
  • How does my child earn the Kingdom Tales Trophy in 5th grade? Your child must have completed at least 4 Kingdom Tales books and their last one must be completed in 5th grade to receive the trophy.

  • Will there be time to work on Kingdom Tales stories at school? Kingdom Tales is an extracurricular program and all work on stories will be completed at home.

  • Will my child feel left out at the book receptions if they did not write a book? In years past, all kids in a grade level have attended the book receptions. When children see their friends receiving their books it often motivates them to want to write a book the next year.
  • Can books be handwritten? My daughter/son wants to hand write the story, but it has always been typed in the past. We recommend all books to be typed to ensure the best results. With the new model, we are allowing handwriting as long as it stays within the margins mentioned in the instructions to avoid trimming.
  • My child is in kindergarten/1st grade and is not writing yet? Can he/she still do a book? Of course! Parents can assist in any way needed. Children can dictate stories while parents type. Also, stories do not need to include words at all if your child just wants to do a picture story. If your child does not like to draw they can use photos or clipart as well.

  • Do we need to turn in a rough draft? The rough draft used to be a step part of the process, but we no longer accept rough drafts. Authors must only submit their final story when kits are due.
  • What if my child makes a mistake and needs a new sheet of paper? Mess up? No worries! Replacement pages are available here:

    • When printing replacement pages use white, 24lb, 8.5” x 11” paper to achieve the best results for your finished book. We DO NOT recommend printing on cardstock or any paper lower than 24lb as shadows will appear on the finished book. You can buy 24lb paper here ly/24lbpaper or at any office store or Amazon.
    • When printing replacement pages, print this page ly/pagenumbers cut the number you need and glue it to the bottom-middle of the page using a glue stick.
  • Will you check that the book pages aren’t missing and are in order once we return the kit to the school? No, parents are responsible for this and the book will be scanned, printed and bound as received in the envelope.

  • My child or I lost the envelope. Can I purchase another? Yes. As long as you registered your child for Kingdom Tales on time, you can purchase an additional kit to replace the one you lost. Limited quantities are available. Contact us at to check for availability.

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