Traffic Flow Map 

Parents - Please follow these rules for carpool lane so the line can move smoothly.

Carpool Lane Information

The carpool lane is on Holy Grail. Please do not cut into the line at the Queen Guinevere, Lady Lore and Avalon intersections. If there are cars already in line at these intersections please precede south on Holy Grail and make a U-turn at Merlin so you can join the carpool line. Also, please do not park in the car pool lane if you are getting out of your car to let your child out or pick up your child.  


During drop off and pick up times we encourage parents need to stay in their cars. Students who are a part of the CHE Safety Patrol will help open doors to cars and help your child out of the car. All students must exit the car from the door that is near the curb. Please do not let your child exit the car on the driver’s side as this is a safety issue.


Please follow these rules so everyone can get through the carpool lines smoothly and safely.


Please Pull Forward

If you pull forward as much as possible in the drop-off / pick-up lane, multiple children are able to be unloaded / loaded at one time.  In the front driveway off Holy Grail, there will be Safety Patrol all the way down to the end of the sidewalk by the covered walkway. 


Right Turns Only Please

The front driveway is a "right turn only lane" between 7:00-8:30 A.M. and 2:30-4:00 P.M.
NO LEFT TURNS into the front driveway during these hours.  


Bike Riders

We ask that bike riders on Avalon ride on the side opposite from the school and cross at Queen Guinevere with the crossing guard for their safety. We have both drivers and riders that are not always aware of their surroundings when pulling in and out of the back drop-off area and we want to make sure we keep our students safe.



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