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Right Turns Only Please:

The front driveway is a "right turn only lane" between 7:00-8:30 A.M. and 2:30-4:00 P.M.
NO LEFT TURNS into the front driveway during these hours.  See the Traffic Flow Map for more info.

Carpool Lane Information:


Parents - Please follow these rules for carpool lane so the line can move smoothly.

The carpool lane is on Holy Grail. Please do not cut into the line at the Queen Guinevere, Lady Lore and Avalon intersections. If there are cars already in line at these intersections please precede south on Holy Grail and make a U-turn at Merlin so you can join the carpool line. Also, please do not park in the car pool lane if you are getting out of your car to let your child out or pick up your child.  See the Traffic Flow Map for more info.


Please follow these rules so everyone can get through the carpool lines smoothly and safely.   

Crosswalk Safety Rules:

  • Please do not block the painted crosswalks near the front of the school nor the one painted at the driveway entrance to the school
  • Wait until the children reach the other side of the street and the crossing guard returns to the sidewalk before proceeding
  • Do not pull up or park on the school side of the street please - our visibility is very limited when cars are blocking our view 
  • All students must cross at an official painted crosswalk zone area of the street Crossing Holy Grail is very dangerous since we do not have an official painted crosswalk zone - please use the crosswalk areas only
  • It is illegal for us to cross anyone coming across Holy Grail that is not in the official crosswalk areas of the school
  • When parking in the lower front parking lot please use the crosswalk at the entrance to the school or the cross walk from the lower parking lot to the school. Do not just cross the driveway in between cars. (You can change this if it isn’t clear.)

Thanks for your assistance and we want to keep all of our staff, students and parents safe. 

School hours, drop off and pick up times:

  • School Day: 7:45 a.m.-3:00 p.m (new dismissal time in 2018!)
  • Families with students in multiple grades follow procedures for the youngest student
  • DROP OFF begins at 7:15 am
    • 7:15 am K-2nd grades in the cafeteria and 3rd-5th go to the gym
    • 7:35 am First bell rings and all students report to classrooms
    • 7:45 am Tardy bell rings and instruction begins are seated at their desks
  • DISMISSAL at 3:00/pick up by 3:10 p.m. – Students remaining on campus at 3:10 pm will be taken to the front office for pick-up
    • Walkers: K & 3 exit the doors near kindergarten hallway near the library, 1 & 2 Exits 1st grade hallway, grades 4 & 5 exit the front doors of the building. 
    • Car riders: K, 1, 2 exit doors, Exit the Cafeteria, 3, 4, & 5 Exit in the back.

Drop Off :

Parents you may drop your child off along the sidewalk areas once you enter the campus. You don't have to wait until you get to the area near the cafeteria doors. This will help decrease the amount of time it takes to get through the drop off lines.

During drop off and pick up times we encourage parents need to stay in their cars. Students who are a part of the CHE Safety Patrol will help open doors to cars and help your child out of the car. All students must exit the car from the door that is near the curb. Please do not let your child exit the car on the driver’s side as this is a safety issue.

Tardy Information:

All students who are not in their classroom by 7:45 must go to the office for a tardy slip. Once they are given a tardy slip they will proceed to their class. If it is past 8:00 a.m., the parent MUST come into the office with the student and sign in his or her child. The student will receive a tardy slip and then proceed to the classroom.

Dismissal during Inclement Weather:

Students that are normally walkers will be placed in the car rider lines if we are experiencing the following: heavy rain, lightning, strong winds, and/or if we are under a severe storm watch or warning. Students may be a walker if the rain is a light mist or drizzle.

If you do not see any students being released at the walker doors, then the students will be in the car rider lines. Please note the weather can change quickly. The students will change locations as the weather changes accordingly.

The decision to have a “Rainy Day” dismissal is made by the administration at approximately 2:30.


Safety Procedures:


First Student Bus School Services information:

A note is required for a student to ride the school bus with his or her friend that does NOT normally ride. The note must be signed by Mrs. Clark or Mr. Johnson. The student will take the note to the bus driver. All regular bus riders are loaded first and guest riders are allowed if there is seat availability. If a seat is not available, then the student will return to the office to contact parents to arrange another way home.

Lunch Information:

Parents are welcome to have lunch with their own child at anytime during the year with a few exceptions. Theses exceptions are: during the first 2 weeks of school, any half days, party days, STAAR testing days, and the last week of school According to district policy, each person must be sign in at the office before proceeding to the cafeteria.



Visitors to the building must have a valid U.S. government ID. If the visitor is not the parent or guardian, they must have a note from the parent granting them permission to have lunch with their child. Please remember parking in the fire lane is 10 minute parking only.


The state law requires students to be in attendance for at least 90% of the 180 days of instruction. Students who fail to meet the state's expectation could face the possibility of retention due to excused or unexcused absences. Excused absences include: 1) Illness 2) Death in the family and/or 3) Official Religious Holidays. All other absences must be approved by the principal. Please plan family vacations during the school holidays which are noted on the LISD calendar. Preapproved absences MUST be approved by Mrs. Taylor BEFORE the absence takes place. The preapproved absence form can be found on the CHE website. If you are having problems locating the form, it can also be found in the office.

Volunteers During the School Day:

LISD requires that all visitors and volunteers have a background check. Volunteers are encouraged and welcome at CHE. Mrs. Clark asks that volunteers respect the educational environment and only go to the areas of the school that you are working in and to understand that teachers are teaching and it is not the time for the “short” teacher conference.

Please Label Clothing:

Please put your child's name in all of their outer clothing - jackets, coats, sweaters, and pull over type shirts. Also put it on their backpacks and lunch boxes. It makes it easier to return it to the child from our lost and found area.



PTA Mission

PTA's mission is to make every child's potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.