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On May 10th, Jaime Crowley, PhD, will be presenting at Castle Hills Elementary on Moose the Worry Mutt Goes to Doggie Daycare, a therapeutic children’s book based on her anxious but affable chocolate lab, Moose. Dr. Crowley is a Dallas-based licensed psychologist, who specializes in treating children and adolescents with anxiety disorders. She will use Moose’s relatable adventures to teach students how to identify and “bark back” at their worried thoughts. Via story-telling, colorful illustrations, and a therapeutic worksheet, she’ll show students the how to transform their worried thoughts into brave ones as well as additional stress management tools. The real Moose will also make a special appearance and you can pre-order a “pawtographed” copy of Moose the Worry Mutt for your child.


Dr. Crowley works in private practice at Dallas Wellness Group ( and provides psychotherapy services to address a variety of emotional and behavioral difficulties across the lifespan. For more information on Moose and to download your free copy of the therapeutic worksheet, visit


About the book:

Moose, a lovable chocolate Lab with an enthusiasm for tennis balls, bones, and all things squirrel, is a chronic worrier. On his first day at doggie daycare, Moose feels butterflies in his belly when he thinks about the endless worries that Fret the Flea whispers into his floppy brown ear. What if Moose can’trun as fast as the other dogs? What if his parents forget to pick him up? A hero emerges in the form of Mighty Moose, the brave rival to meddlesome Fret. With Mighty Moose teaching him to change his thoughts, Moose returns to doggie daycare and learns to face his fears and run with the big dogs. Moose the Worry Mutt Goes to Doggie Daycare is a lighthearted picture book with both popular appeal and therapeutic benefits. Mental health professionals, parents, and teachers can useMoose’s experiences to model healthy strategies for managing anxiety, while bright illustrations andlovable characters make this a tale that kids are sure to enjoy time and time again.


Pre-order your autographed copy of Moose the Worry Mutt Goes to Doggie Daycare!
Along with the co-authors’ signatures, Moose will also “pawtograph” the book for your child


Price of book is $18.39, including tax. One dollar of every book sale will be donated to A Home Within, a national non-profit providing pro-bono therapy to foster children.


Orders are due by Tuesday, May 7th. Click here to order.


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